Friday, 27 September 2013

16 officials authorised to use Council credit card

Ardrossan councillor John Hunter has questioned North Ayrshire Council’s use of corporate credit cards by Council officials.

During questions at last week’s Council meeting, Cllr Hunter asked, “Is there a 'corporate credit facility', for example a 'corporate credit card' available to senior members of staff or elected members? If so, to how many, and for what purpose?”

Cllr Alex Mclean, the SNP cabinet member for Finance & Corporate Support, replied, “There is a corporate credit card available to senior members of staff.  Elected members [councillors] do not currently use this facility.”

Continuing, Cllr McLean explained, “There are 16 credit cards and they are used in the main for travel and accommodation purposes, and for procuring items that don’t fit with the Council’s standard payment arrangements, for example where an online booking is made that requires an immediate electronic payment.”

Following-up, John Hunter said, “How much has been spent via this facility in the last three-years, by whom and on what?”

Cllr McLean replied, “I don’t have an answer to that at this time, but I will obtain one.”

John Hunter told the3towns, “I accept that Cllr McLean did not have figures to hand during the meeting.  I will, though, be looking to receive the information I requested as soon as possible.”

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