Friday, 6 September 2013

Unionist vandals cost local taxpayers

Local taxpayers are having to fork-out to repair damage caused to street-signs by British unionist vandals.

Exactly a year ago the3towns first revealed how vandals had plastered stickers supporting Glasgow Rangers over a sign warning motorists to slow down approaching a Saltcoats secondary school.  At the time, worried parents branded the vandals as “idiots” for obscuring a sign erected to enhance the safety of children.

Since then, the Rangers stickers and some carrying the name of a specific section of the team’s support have defaced signs across the Three Towns.  A more recent development has seen stickers supporting the British Union appear alongside Rangers emblems.

Staff from North Ayrshire Council have been tasked with removing the stickers, some of which were even plastered over a sign at Ardrossan Cemetery.  The ongoing exercise is time-consuming, with costs beginning to mount as some signs are so damaged by the stickers they have to be replaced.  Repair and replacement charges are met from limited funds held by the cash-strapped local authority, which is funded by taxpayers.

the3towns understands councillors are to raise the issue with officers from Police Scotland.

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