Friday, 22 November 2013

Fears of job losses at Ayrshire College

A new ‘delivery model’ being implemented by the recently-merged Ayrshire College, which includes the former James Watt College in Kilwinning, could mean compulsory redundancies and non-teaching staff having to apply for their own jobs, according to local MP Katy Clark.

Ms Clark has been advised that 327 non-teaching workers are affected as the college looks to reorganise its staffing.  The North Ayrshire & Arran MP has also been told that college managers may be planning a similar reorganisation of teaching staff, with lecturers, too, potentially being asked to re-apply for their own jobs.

Katy Clark told the3towns, “I am appalled that staff at the college are being treated in this way.  Over recent years they have seen colleagues lose their jobs as a result of huge cuts to college budgets and now they face the uncertainty of being asked to apply for their own jobs.

“Staff deserve better than this.  To start this process just before Christmas is not helpful and only heightens the anxiety felt by everyone.  I understand that morale is at an all time low – something which is amazing given the industrial disputes of recent years.”

Labour MP Ms Clark has written to the Ayrshire College principal and to SNP Cabinet Secretary for Education Mike Russell MSP, setting-out her objections to the reorganisation and the way staff are being treated.

Katy Clark said, “For this to happen so soon after regionalisation and merger were forced on Ayrshire’s three colleges raises serious concerns about that decision and it unfortunately looks like a sign of difficult times to come for students and staff.  I will certainly be doing anything I can to support the staff during this difficult period.”

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