Friday, 8 November 2013

NHS looking for research volunteers

The Scottish Health Research Register (SHARE) is looking for local people to take part in potentially life-changing research.

Researchers working within the National Health Service are striving to develop treatments and cures for a range of conditions, and as part of that work they require people who are willing to provide secure access to their NHS health profile.  Anyone registering with SHARE could be asked to take part in future research studies.

Dr Wael Agur, a consultant at Crosshouse Hospital, is one of Scotland’s leading researchers and holds a coveted NHS Research Scotland Career Fellowship.  He explain the reason for SHARE and the search for volunteers, “New medical treatments and therapies are being developed all the time, transforming the lives of people living with a range of life-limiting conditions.  But we can't make these breakthroughs without the help of patients who are willing to give us access to their health profile.”

Joining the SHARE register does not commit anyone to further action, but if their health profile is found to match the needs of a particular research project, then researchers may get in touch.  However, the decision on whether or not to take part in research always rests with the individual.

To find out more about how you and your health records could save lives, or to register, visit

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