Friday, 8 November 2013

North Ayrshire performing well on recycling

North Ayrshire Council is just one of nine Scottish local authorities – from a total of 32 – to meet the national target for waste recycling. 

In fact, NAC exceeded the performance objective for 2012 set by the SNP Scottish Government, and was the only council in Ayrshire to score above the 50% target.

North Ayrshire achieved a rating of 51.8%, with returns for other local authorities across Scotland ranging from a low of 13.5% to a high of 58.9%.

The Scottish Government has confirmed that speeding-up progress on increasing waste recycling is a priority, with the long-term aim of recycling 70% of the country’s waste by 2025.

Figures released by Zero Waste Scotland, the organisation charged with delivering the government's recycling strategy, revealed that more than a million households now have access to a food waste collection service, over double the number a year ago.

North Ayrshire Council has been acknowledged for excellence in its development of a comprehensive waste strategy, earning two recent accolades.  The Council was a finalist in the ‘Scottish excellence within a large organisation’ category at last month’s Scottish Resources Conference and is a finalist in the UK Local Authority Waste Hierarchy Award section at the Chartered Institution of Waste Management awards in London later this month.

The Council’s SNP Cabinet member for Environment and Infrastructure, Cllr John Bruce (Ardrossan & Arran), said, “This excellent performance shows we have taken a responsible attitude to recycling, which can only be good for the local environment, the residents in the area and, in the longer term, society as a whole.

“This isn’t just a job done well by North Ayrshire Council. The people who live here must share the credit for working with us in ensuring household waste is properly managed from the start of the process to the end.

“The aim will now be to continue to work towards increasing that figure to the 70-percent target.”

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