Friday, 22 November 2013

Special screening of It's A Wonderful Life

The classic Christmas ‘feel good’ movie It’s A Wonderful Life is to be given a special screening at the Odeon Cinema in Ayr on November 26.

The 1946 film tells the story of George Bailey, played by James Stewart, who loses all his money on Christmas Eve.  Plunged into a depression and consumed by his feelings of having let down everyone he knows, George wishes he had never been born and walks out onto a snowy bridge over a river where he plans to take his own life.  However, just as he is about to jump, Clarence, George’s (trainee) Guardian Angel appears and shows just how many lives George has touched since he was born, and how those other people would have been adversely affected if George had not been around.

George returns to his family to find everyone he knows has had a whip-round to raise money to replace the funds that had been lost (actually they were stolen by the evil banker Mr Potter).

The special screening of the film, which starts at 11.00am (doors open 10.30am), has been arranged by the Activity Team at Ailsa Hospital as part of the campaign ‘Choose Life’.  On the day there will also be a short presentation from Margo Taylor from ‘Choose Life’, on Scotland’s national strategy to prevent suicide.

Tickets for It’s A Wonderful Life at the Odeon Cinema, Ayr on Tuesday, November 26 cost £5.00 and are available from Eileen Clark at the Ailsa Furniture Workshop on 01292 513066.

All proceeds will be donated to ‘Choose Life’ and the Furniture Workshop at Ailsa Hospital.

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