Friday, 20 December 2013

Free parking for Christmas

Saltcoats & Stevenston Independent councillor Ronnie McNicol has welcomed a move that will see additional, free car-parking in Saltcoats town centre in the run-up to Christmas.

The parking facility to the rear of the Saltcot public house, accessed from Chapelwell Street, will be made available to the local public as a goodwill gesture by the site’s owner, Spook Erections.  The company operates an outdoor market on the site on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and has said it will allow car parking at other times in an attempt to attract shoppers into Saltcoats town centre.

Some months ago Spook Erections controversially erected bollards at the entrances to the site that had been used as a ‘public’ car park for many years.  However, the company has now explained that it took the action because of damage being done to the surface, apparently by heavy goods vehicles servicing a nearby facility.  The position of Spook Erections was that it could not afford to continue meeting the cost of repairs to damage caused while the site was not being used for its primary purpose, as a site for the outdoor market.

However, following an approach from Cllr McNicol, Council officials have now reached an agreement with Spook Erections that will see the local public allowed to park on the site over the next couple of weeks, when it is not being used for the market.

Ronnie McNicol told the3towns, “I really appreciate this gesture by Spook Erections and the work Council officials put in to make it happen. 

“Anything that attracts more people into the town centre, and into local shops, has got to be good, particularly at this time of year.”

Cllr McNicol has asked Council officials and Spook Erections to look at the possibility of extending the agreement to allow the market site to once again be used as a car park throughout the year.

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