Friday, 31 January 2014

Changes to bin collections

A new household bin collection programme begins this week and, with some alterations to routes, North Ayrshire Council is urging local residents to check for any changes to collection days.

New waste-collection calendars, showing updated details, are currently being distributed to every home in the district.  A Council spokesperson said, “Keep this calendar safe as it provides important information on collection days for your blue recycling, brown organic and food waste, and grey bins.”

In addition, residents will also receive a guide to the types of materials accepted in each bin.  The spokesperson explained, “This is especially important when using blue bins, as non-recyclable material or tied black-bags can result in the entire contents of the bin being left uncollected.”

This year will also see the Council roll-out its food waste collection to flats, rural homes and other households that were not part of an earlier initial phase.  These properties will receive brown bins, kitchen-caddies and liners over the next few weeks.

Residents can also check bin collection days by visiting the website of North Ayrshire Council.

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