Friday, 3 January 2014

Damage to bridge over railway

A deep hole has emerged in the road surface of the bridge over the railway in South Beach Road, Ardrossan.

So deep is the damage to the carriageway that what appears to be some sort of membrane is visible below the tarmac covering of the road surface.

Last July the3towns revealed Ardrossan Independent councillor John Hunter had raised concerns over the condition of walls at the same bridge, which spans the main Glasgow-Largs railway line.  At that time, cracks had appeared at various points in the parapet of the structure.

In addition to hourly trains running between Glasgow and Largs, the busy West Coast line also separately serves Adrossan Town Station and the Arran ferry at Ardrossan Harbour. Services on these routes are amongst the busiest operated by Scotrail.

Major repairs have been carried out to the South Beach railway-bridge in the past, but in recent years maintenance seems to have been restricted to a reactive basis.  Bridges over railway lines are the responsibility of Network Rail,
which is a private company without shareholders, run along commercial lines by a board of directors.

John Hunter told the3towns, “The potential for damage to any car hitting a pot hole as deep as the one on the bridge at South Beach Station is obvious.  I have asked North Ayrshire Council’s Roads department to draw the damage to the attention of Network Rail, so that a repair can be carried out as a matter of urgency.”

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