Friday, 17 January 2014

Free music for Library members

Local music fans can now access millions of tunes, free-of-charge, by using a new online service operated by North Ayrshire Libraries.

North Ayrshire Council has already embraced online technology with the successful introduction of an eBook borrowing service over the last two years, which has allowed thousands of local people to download eBooks to their personal computer, tablet or smartphone.  Now, the service is to be extended to music.

Provost Joan Sturgeon officially launched the initiative last week, saying, “This is a great opportunity to listen to your favourite songs and find new ones free-of-charge.  I am a big fan of Adele and all things 60’s, and have been impressed by the range and quality of the music on offer.”

Mrs Sturgeon’s SNP colleague, Cllr Alan Hill, Cabinet member for Community and Culture, added, “eBooks and mp3s are not replacements for physical books and records, which will continue to be at the heart of our libraries.  However, we want to encourage younger generations to use the libraries and have to move with the times to do so.  After all, we will come to a point where some younger people will have never listened to a CD, just as many people have never listened to a vinyl LP.”

Anyone over the age of 12 can access North Ayrshire Libraries’ free music service – Freegal – by using the number on their library card and internet access.  After logging on to and entering their library-card number, members can download three tracks or two music videos per week – absolutely free.

Provost Sturgeon was helped at the launch of the new service by Marie Blackwood from the Harbour Arts Centre.

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