Friday, 24 January 2014

Helicopter emergency landing in field

Drivers on the A78 trunk road were startled last Friday (January 17) when a Royal Navy Sea King helicopter performed an emergency landing in a field adjacent to the Montfode roundabout north of Ardrossan.

The incident happened shortly after 11.30am and saw the chopper touch down safely just yards from the busy Ardrossan-Seamill coast road.  The Sea King had been on a routine training exercise when it encountered what a spokesperson for the Royal Navy described as “a potential technical issue” with a temperature gauge.

Police, Coastguard and Naval personnel from HMS Gannet at Prestwick attended the scene to assist the helicopter’s crew, all of whom were safe and well following the emergency landing.

Officer’s from Police Scotland later asked the public to stay away from the area after traffic was found to be travelling very slowly on the nearby trunk road, due to people having a look at the unusual sight of a helicopter sitting in a field.

Shortly before 4.30pm the chopper was able to lift-off and return to its Prestwick base.

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