Friday, 10 January 2014

Railway bridge repaired

A temporary repair has been carried out to a deep hole in the carriageway of the railway bridge at South Beach Road in Ardrossan.

Serious damage to the road surface was revealed in last week’s edition of the3towns, with Ardrossan’s Independent councillor John Hunter expressing concern over the potential for damage to vehicles using the busy road.  The hole was so deep a plastic membrane separating the core structure of the bridge from the tarmac road surface had been exposed.

Cllr Hunter this week told the3towns, “A repair was carried out late on Thursday afternoon (January 2), which should deal with the problem in the short-term, but I believe a more substantial repair will be required to prevent the same thing happening again.”

Last July John Hunter spoke of his concerns regarding the condition of walls at the same bridge, which spans the main Glasgow-Largs railway line. At that time, cracks had appeared at various points in the parapet of the structure.

Cllr Hunter now believes a comprehensive investigation of the bridge should be carried out jointly by Network Rail and North Ayrshire Council to determine its current condition and identify any works requiring to be carried out.

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