Friday, 7 February 2014

Burgess blasts Lamont's "wee things" comment

Cunninghame South MSP Margaret Burgess has blasted Labour’s Scottish leader, Johann Lamont, for describing as “wee things” issues such as the Bedroom Tax, nuclear weapons of mass destruction and young Scots being sent to fight in illegal wars, all matters still controlled by the Tory-led UK Government in London.

Ms Lamont’s comments, made during First Minister’s Questions in the Scottish Parliament, have embarrassed the Labour Party and their Tory partners in the pro-British Union ‘Better Together’ campaign.

Margaret Burgess said, “It was a bad week for the ‘No’ campaign when their scare-stories on European Union membership and a shared currency after independence were dismantled, but with the ‘wee things’ comment it got an awful lot worse. Johann Lamont should be ashamed of herself.

“Is the Scottish leader of the Labour Party really telling vulnerable families targeted by the Bedroom Tax that it is just a ‘wee thing’ and that Scotland should not have the power to abolish it?

“Our soldiers being dragged into illegal wars, weapons of mass destruction being dumped on our shores, and the means to tackle poverty and inequality – these, too, according to Labour, are just ‘wee things’.

“People in North Ayrshire and across Scotland will be aghast at this, and won’t buy Labour’s claim that Johann Lamont’s statement was just a ‘slip of the tongue’. This one comment exposes the lack of vision and ambition the Labour Party has for Scotland.”

The local SNP MSP said, “Independence will allow us to improve our economy, scrap the Bedroom Tax, remove nuclear weapons and transform childcare. These are not ‘wee things’ but are exactly what people care about and what affect people’s lives.”

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