Friday, 28 March 2014

Access to Council Tax info online

Three Towns residents can now keep up to date with their Council Tax by going online.

North Ayrshire Council has implemented a new facility that allows access to Council Tax accounts on a 24-hours basis, seven days a week.

A Council spokesperson explained, “Online accounts are quicker and cheaper to administer – and put residents in full control. Once registered, you can access a whole host of information including: your Council Tax details, records of individual payments, yearly summary statement, details of your Council Tax band and information on what to do if you have difficulty paying.”

The new online facility can be accessed here.

Cllr Ruth Maguire (pictured), the Council’s SNP Cabinet Member for Finance and Corporate Support, welcomed the development, saying, “It’s so much easier to keep on top of bills like this if you have all the information in one place. Online access allows people to see at a glance how much they are due and how much they have paid, as well as explaining what they should do if experiencing difficulty with payments.”

Council Tax levels in North Ayrshire have been frozen since the SNP was elected to government in 2007. Each year the Scottish Government provides local authorities with additional funding to offset any shortfall resulting from there being no rise in the Council Tax.

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