Friday, 21 March 2014

MP seeks enquiry into 'on-call' health shifts

Katy Clark MP is to ask the SNP Scottish Government to undertake a study on the impact of ‘on-call’ shift patterns in the National Health Service.

The local MP will raise the issue after a constituent drew Ms Clark’s attention to an incident where there had been a fatality in a road traffic accident involving a junior doctor driving home from work. The MP believes some evidence suggests ‘on-call’ shift patterns have an impact on decision-making and may leave people at greater risk of being involved in accidents after such shifts.

Katy Clark said, “It is not just doctors who are required to work ‘on-call’ and are expected to travel afterwards; nurses and laboratory staff also have to work these tiring shifts. There do not appear to be any studies into the levels of accidents involving NHS staff in Scotland, so I am writing to Alex Neil MSP, the Scottish Health Minister, to urge him to look into this.”

The Labour MP for North Ayrshire & Arran revealed the British Medical Association had raised concerns about staff burnout and stress due to ‘on-call’ working. “The BMA highlighted that the increased pressures on all grades of clinical staff is increasing, and their health is suffering,” said Ms Clark. “I am also aware that there are deep concerns about this Tory-Lib Dem Government’s attempts to increase the retirement age. I have deep concerns that not only the quality of service will be put at risk, but NHS staff themselves may have their health jeopardised. On that basis, a study into the most ‘at risk’ medical professionals could not be more timely.”

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