Friday, 18 April 2014

Burgess announces communities funding

Around 50 community-led organisations across Scotland are to receive investment of up to £3m, which will support the regeneration of identified areas.

The announcement of additional funding was made by local MSP Margaret Burgess in her capacity as the Scottish Government’s Minister for Housing and Welfare. The money will be delivered through the government’s Strengthening Communities Programme.

Identified initiatives will respond to local community needs by developing activities, such as advocacy projects, community windfarms, environmental action and transferring assets into community ownership.

Margaret Burgess explained, “Investing in community organisations is absolutely key for creating change at a local level within communities.

“The aim of the Strengthening Communities Programme, which will benefit up to 50 local initiatives, is to help build capacity in local communities and inject new life into some of Scotland’s most disadvantaged areas.”

Mrs Burgess, who represents the local constituency of Cunninghame South, said the SNP Government “puts community-led change at the heart of our regeneration strategy”, adding, “Through the Strengthening Communities Programme we will test the impact of targeted investment. It is only by improving on community-based initiatives and empowering local people that we will see real, sustainable change.”

Fiona Garvin, Director of the Scottish Community Development Centre, said, “We welcome the Scottish Government’s investment in the Strengthening Communities Programme and believe that strong communities and strong community organisations are vital elements of community-led regeneration. Our support to these organisations is designed to help them develop their strengths, increase local activity and work with others to take the next steps in regenerating their communities.”

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