Friday, 4 April 2014

Margaret announces new energy measures

Local MSP Margaret Burgess has launched a new energy efficiency standard that is expected to save tenants money on their household bills.

Social housing tenants whose homes meet the new Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing (EESSH) could save an estimated average of £210 per year. The EESSH aims to improve the energy efficiency of the social housing stock in Scotland, helping to reduce fuel poverty, energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Raising energy efficiency ratings from the existing Scottish Housing Quality Standard to the new EESSH is expected to save around £130m in Scottish fuel costs each year. It is also calculated that annual carbon emissions from housing will be reduced by 760Kt CO2, which is more than the annual emissions from all the households in Aberdeen and Dundee combined.

Mrs Burgess, who made the announcement in her capacity as the SNP Scottish Government’s Minister for Housing and Welfare, said, “Scotland is outperforming the UK in the delivery of home energy efficiency measures that save tenants money, and the introduction of this standard will help enhance our performance for many of the poorest households in Scotland.

“Nonetheless, rising energy prices remain a huge concern for this government, and we will spend almost a quarter of a billion pounds over a three year period on fuel poverty and energy efficiency.”

The MSP for Cunninghame South noted, “While we have managed to help thousands of households in Scotland to have warmer, more energy-efficient homes, with independence we would be able to change the way energy efficiency is funded to help even more people.”

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