Friday, 4 April 2014

Rules for election posters

North Ayrshire Council’s SNP cabinet last week agreed a legal framework covering the display of campaign posters for this year’s European Election and the Referendum on Scottish Independence.

The poll for the European Parliamentary Election will take place on May 22, with the Independence Referendum being held on September 18. The Council, which is responsible for polling arrangements in the local area, is required to publish a policy setting out exactly where campaign posters can be displayed on publicly-owned fixtures, such as lampposts.

SNP councillors agreed that the local authority should continue to allow posters to be tied to lampposts and “other street furniture”. However, Transport Scotland has ruled that no posters can be fixed to any lampposts along North Ayrshire’s trunk road network. The transport agency’s decision means posters will be prohibited at busy local junctions, such as the Montfode roundabout and the Chapelhill roundabout in Ardrossan, and the Sharphill roundabout in Saltcoats on the A78.

Political parties and campaign groups which fix their posters to lampposts must indemnify North Ayrshire Council against any third-party insurance claim, such as a person being injured or property damaged by a poster falling on them.

The rules that will be in force during this year’s two campaigns also stipulate that no posters should be fixed within the boundaries of any polling place – such as the grounds of schools or other public buildings being used for people to vote – or on any railings at polling places. For the first time, posters will also be banned from any lampposts or other street furniture located within 50 metres of the entrance to a polling place.

There will also be restrictions on parking cars at the entrance to a polling place, if the vehicles carry posters or literature advertising a candidate, political party or referendum choice.

All campaign and political posters fixed to lampposts and other street furniture must be removed within 48-hours following the day of the election or referendum.

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