Friday, 2 May 2014

European Elections 2014

Nominations closed last Thursday (April 24) in relation to candidates for the European Elections, meaning final plans for the poll on Thursday, May 22 can be put in place.

For the Euro poll, Scotland is classed as one area, electing 6 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) to represent the whole country. Currently there are 2 SNP MEPs, 2 Labour and one each from the Tories and Liberal Democrats. However, polls show the Lib Dems are expected to do particularly badly this time – partly due to being seen as propping-up an unpopular Tory Government at Westminster. The SNP are favourites to increase their number of MEPs to 3.

To vote in the European Election, people must be included on the Electoral Register, which is administered by the Ayrshire Valuation Joint Board based in Ayr. The last date to register and qualify for a vote is Tuesday, May 6. Local libraries have copies of the Electoral Register, which members of the public can check to confirm whether or not they are entitled to vote.

All registered voters in the Three Towns will receive a Polling Card ahead of the election, which will detail where they should vote and when polls will be open on May 22.

Results of the Election will not be announced until Monday, May 26 to coincide with other member states of the European Union where some countries vote on a Sunday.

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