Friday, 9 May 2014

'Graffiti' adverts encourage voting

North Ayrshire Council has come up with a novel way of encouraging people to vote at this month’s European Election and the Independence Referendum in September – they’ve spray-painted the message onto local pavements.

A spokesperson for the Council said, “The idea is to catch voter attention. Plastic stencils were used by the Streetscene department to create the graphics at two dozen locations.”

The representative gave the assurance that “special paint” used to create the pavement messages means the ‘graffiti’ will disappear “in time”.

The Council says advantages of the initiative are that the message is highly visible, inexpensive to apply and easy to roll out across a wide area in a matter of days.

North Ayrshire’s Electoral Returning Officer Elma Murray, also the Council’s Chief Executive, said, “The best advertising campaigns are those with a simple message that grab your attention in the fewest words.”

The slogans can be seen in Ardrossan, near the junction of Glasgow Street and Princes Street, Dockhead Street in Saltcoats and outside Stevenston’s library.

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