Saturday, 31 May 2014

Jim Sillars to speak at public meeting

Ayrshire-born Jim Sillars (pictured) will return to his roots when he appears at the Vineburgh Community Centre in Quarry Road, Irvine on Tuesday (June 3rd) at a public meeting setting-out the ‘Socialist Case for an Independent Scotland’.

Also confirmed to speak at the meeting, which begins at 7:00pm and is guaranteed to draw a large audience, is Colin Fox of the Scottish Socialist Party (SSP). Mr Fox is a former MSP and is currently a member of the YES Scotland Advisory Board.

Jim Sillars, a former Labour and SNP MP, is one of the most passionate speakers in Scottish politics and is respected across the political divide. Mr Sillars was also married to Margo MacDonald, who died in April. At a service commemorating Margo’s life, Jim revealed she had made him promise not to mourn her when she was gone, but to get back out and persuade people to vote for independence.

This week’s meeting has been arranged by the North Ayrshire branch of the Scottish Socialist Party. Organiser Richie Venton told the3towns, “North Ayrshire is the kind of working class area that has been hammered hardest by the slaughter of jobs, wages, services and benefits under successive Westminster governments. An area with the least to lose and most to gain from escaping the grip of the unelected Tories, permanently.”

Mr Venton highlighted the “growing threat of a Tory government until at least 2020, possibly relying on the viciously racist and corrupt UKIP”, which he described as “a warning of the consequences of not voting ‘YES’ to self-rule for Scotland's working class majority population.”

A veteran socialist campaigner, Richie Venton said, “The SSP shares the view of Jim Sillars that independence is not an end in itself but a means to very desirable ends. Voting ‘YES’ is not about Alex Salmond, nor a recipe for permanent SNP government. Voting ‘YES’ would guarantee the working class majority of Scotland the first-ever chance to elect the government of our democratic choice.

"It would kick open the door to demanding jobs for all; a decent living wage of £9.00 an hour for all at 16, with equal pay for women; decent affordable social housing; and a welfare system that protects the old, young, sick, disabled or unemployed instead of demonising them. Full-blown self-government is an opportunity to tax the rich and big business, to fund a massive improvement in the living standards of the millions rather than continued privilege for the millionaires. It offers us a world apart from the obscene poverty and inequality imposed by successive Westminster governments.”

Mr Venton explained, “The SSP has consistently fought for an independent socialist Scotland since we were founded in 1998. This meeting is open to all, whether convinced YES, No or undecided - a unique chance to hear two powerful, hard-hitting socialist speakers putting arguments that seldom get heard in the mainstream media.”

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