Saturday, 31 May 2014

Please give blood

Local MP Katy Clark is backing a call from the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service for more people to come forward as donors, particularly those with O-Negative blood, which is known as the universal blood type because it can be given to almost anyone. O-Negative is also used during special procedures for unborn babies.

Katy Clark said, “I would encourage every constituent to give blood as often as possible as it will literally help save lives. However, the NHS Blood Transfusion Service would especially like individuals with the O-Negative blood type to come forward.”

The Labour MP for North Ayrshire & Arran added, “If you are unsure about your blood type then the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service will be able to provide testing so you can find out what group you are in.

“If you know you have the O-Negative blood type, then please do consider contacting the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service on 0131 536 5700 to find out your nearest blood donation service. “

The universal nature of O-Negative blood makes it extremely valuable in an emergency where blood is needed immediately. It also means that additional stocks are vitally important to provide standby cover. The Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service aims to have six days supply of each blood stock at any time in order to meet the requirements of patients in Scotland. That means the service needs some 5,000 blood donors every week.

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