Friday, 13 June 2014

Gibson blasts Unionist scaremongering

Local MSP Kenneth Gibson has branded former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown a “fully paid-up member of Project Fear” after the Labour MP claimed an independent Scotland could lose almost one-million jobs.

Mr Brown had earlier criticised his own side, the British Unionist ‘No’ campaign, for being too negative, but in a speech to the London School of Economics he then claimed Scotland could lose 962,000 jobs simply by voting for independence. The figure related to every job with any possible connection to other parts of the current United Kingdom, such as having a head office south of the border or being a Scottish company selling products to the market place in England.

Mr Brown’s nightmare analysis was based on figures provided by Professor Brian Ashcroft of Strathclyde University. Professor Ashcroft is the husband of former ‘Scottish’ Labour leader Wendy Alexander.

Reacting to Gordon Brown’s speech, Cunninghame North’s Kenneth Gibson said, “These are ridiculous claims. After a ‘YES’ vote, Scotland will continue to have a close and positive relationship with our neighbours, on an open border basis, and the rest of the UK will remain our biggest trading partner.”

Mr Gibson stated, “On the basis of Mr Brown's absurd logic, Canada should join with the United States and be governed from Washington.

“Gordon Brown supports Scotland staying part of a Westminster system that risks taking us out of the EU against our will - posing the real danger to investment and jobs in Scotland. Only a ‘YES’ vote in September will ensure that can't happen.”

The SNP MSP reflected on Mr Brown’s previous comments that the ‘No’ campaign was too negative, noting, “But here he is making scaremongering claims that don't stand up to a second's scrutiny. He is clearly a fully paid-up member of the ‘No’ campaign's Project Fear.”

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