Friday, 6 June 2014

North Ayrshire youth employment conference

SNP-run North Ayrshire Council will this week continue its campaign to improve the employment prospects of local young people.

The Council is to take part in a youth employment conference on Tuesday (June 10th) at the Menzies Hotel in Irvine. A spokesperson for the local authority explained, “Over the last few years the Council has recognised that improving the outlook for young people is key to many of the issues that affect North Ayrshire.

“This has resulted in the development of a number of positive initiatives, which have sought to reduce deprivation, encourage economic growth and give hundreds of North Ayrshire’s young people a brighter future.

“The Council recognises there are no quick fixes to address youth unemployment and that the success of these initiatives need to be built on in the coming months and years.”

At the conference, around 100 students from all over North Ayrshire will have the chance to find out about the types of employment available locally. Working with staff from Education and Skills, Economic Development, Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Jobcentre Plus, those attending will receive assistance related to interview techniques and the process of submitting job applications.

The event will also see several local businesses deliver workshops aimed at improving the knowledge and job prospects of young people.

Cllr John Bruce, the local Council’s SNP Cabinet Member for Education Attainment and Achievement, said, “North Ayrshire Council is leading the way when it comes to making the journey from education to employment as seamless as possible.

“The announcement of our innovative partnership with Ayrshire College is a perfect example and meets many of the recommendations of Sir Ian Wood's Commission for Developing Scotland's Young Workforce.

“Our schools have a vital role to play in addressing youth employment as they are the first to start preparing young people for the world of work. It is a long road and we recognise that we have to make inroads early on in our children’s schooling.

“We have seen positive outcomes for young people leaving school, but they are not being sustained in the longer term. We also need to support more young people into work directly after they leave school.”

Cllr Marie Burns, SNP Cabinet Member for Economy and Employment, added, “I believe we have a really strong foundation for the future.

“These events are very much focused on identifying the types of skills our young people need to kick-start their career.

“The input from local businesses has been key. After all, they know better than anyone what they want to see from young people seeking employment.

“It is heartening that a number of these businesses have already indicated they are actively seeking to recruit students directly from the event.”

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