Friday, 13 June 2014

Praise for award-winning 'Jannie'

An Ardrossan man who works as a Janitor at Glencairn Primary School in Stevenston has been recognised as the ‘Education Supporter of the Year’ at the prestigious Scottish Education Awards.

David Hosie has worked in several local schools and has been at Glencairn Primary for the past three years. A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson said, “The support David shows the staff, parents and pupils is unparalleled. He consistently goes the extra mile and the whole school is proud to have him as part of their community.”

Ardrossan councillor Tony Gurney, the Council’s SNP Cabinet Member for Environment and Infrastructure, which oversees the school janitor service, said, “David's achievement goes to show how much we appreciate the efforts and talents of every member of staff in our schools.”

Cllr Gurney noted, “This award is acknowledgement of David's work and the appreciation of everyone at the school. It is also recognition for all our school janitors and the important part they play in our schools.

“It can be something of a cliché, but it is certainly true that David goes the extra mile for the school and is thoroughly deserving of this award.”

The Scottish Education Awards celebrate the achievements of schools, teachers and staff in all publicly-funded schools, including secondary, primary, nursery and special schools.

Backing Cllr Gurney’s comments, John Bruce, SNP Cabinet Member for Education Attainment and Achievement, said, “We have been fortunate enough to have had a lot to celebrate at the Scottish Education Awards in recent years, so I am delighted to see David join this illustrious list.

“Janitors are unsung heroes who have a vital role to play in our schools and I am delighted to see David receive such a prestigious award. He has certainly made an impact at Glencairn Primary. Whether it is support for staff, parents, pupils or indeed the whole community, there is nothing but positivity for his efforts.

“He is known for his friendly attitude, his concern for pupils' safety, taking some of the more vulnerable children under his wing and encouraging pupils to take an active role in looking after their environment. David has been a real inspiration.”

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