Friday, 27 June 2014

Saltcoats Community Council needs public support

Saltcoats Community Council, for many years one of the most effective community groups in North Ayrshire, could close down if new members cannot be persuaded to get involved.

Saltcoats man Allan Rice told the3towns of his “great sadness” that the Community Council is facing a shortage of activists. Mr Rice said, “No-one is at fault for the current situation. It’s just that for a number of reasons current members and Community Councillors have had to end their involvement. That means unless we can quickly bring-in new people to replace them, then the important work done for the town by the Community Council could be lost.”

In recent years Saltcoats Community Council has played a leading role in bringing about major repairs and improvements to the town’s East Promenade; has sought action to deal with groups of methadone users who were congregating outside town centre pharmacies; maintained pressure to have Saltcoats Town Hall renovated; scrutinised Health Board plans affecting the town; promoted town centre regeneration; contributed local opinion in relation to planning matters and tackled issues affecting the local community, such as fly-tipping and anti-social behaviour.

The work of Community Councils is voluntary. Allan Rice said, “It’s not just the town of Saltcoats that needs a Community Council, it is also important for North Ayrshire Council to have the input of community members when issues come up affecting the town.”

Mr Rice indicated the next scheduled meeting of Saltcoats Community Council is at 7:00pm on Tuesday, August 19th in the Argyle Community Centre. All Saltcoats residents are invited to attend. In the meantime, anyone wishing further information can contact Mr Rice at

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