Friday, 20 June 2014

SNP-run Council continues to improve

North Ayrshire Council is making significant improvements to its performance in key areas, according to an independent review of Scottish councils.

Each year the Improvement Service's Local Government Benchmarking Report focuses on a number of key indicators across all 32 local authorities, which is then used by North Ayrshire to compare performance with other councils.

Meeting last Tuesday (June 17), NAC’s ruling SNP Cabinet heard that the report showed progress was being made by the Council, despite the local area continuing to experience high levels of unemployment and deprivation.

A Council spokesperson said, “Many of these tie into a separate Audit Scotland report which highlights the changing role of Councils, the importance of Councillors, the need to meet residents’ needs while reducing spending, and the requirement for strong leadership.

“A number of Council services are among the very highest-performing in Scotland, including: the highest percentage of people satisfied with their library service (97%); no rental income lost through empty Council houses – the best in the country; second-highest performance for Council houses already meeting national housing quality standards (96%).”

The report also identified significant improvements made by the Council over the past year, including an increase in the amount of self-directed funding for social care and a greater number of school leavers going on to training, employment or further education.

Two issues flagged-up as requiring more action from the Council were the speed at which it makes invoice payments and the overall condition of Council properties.

SNP councillor Willie Gibson, Leader of North Ayrshire Council, said, “I am delighted by the progress being made, particularly in some really key areas.

"We want to build upon these successes and remain determined to continue to improve the local economy, reduce deprivation and provide the best possible service to local people.

"We certainly won't be resting on our laurels - our ambition is to take every 'good' service in North Ayrshire and make it 'great'.

“It is clearly pleasing to see the positives in the report. However, the value lies in identifying where we must improve in the future.

“We continue to measure our progress so that we can continue to improve and ensure our services provide the very best value for the people of North Ayrshire.”

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