Friday, 13 June 2014

Survey: 'significant improvement' in Council performance

North Ayrshire Council has found that staff are more positive about the future and more confident about the way the local authority is progressing, according to a new employee survey.

The Council asked staff for their views on two specific areas - Leadership and Management of Change and Communication within the Council - which had been highlighted as areas of concern in a comprehensive survey undertaken two years ago.

On Tuesday (June 17), senior SNP councillors in the decision-making Cabinet will hear that engagement among staff has increased by 10% - from 55% to 65% - since 2012, at a time when many public sector organisations have struggled just to maintain levels.

A North Ayrshire spokesperson said, “Employee engagement is an important part of the Council’s work and seeks to ensure staff feel they are valued, are keen to think about how they can improve services, help other members of staff and promote a positive attitude to work.

“The survey demonstrates that Council employees have seen significant improvements in two key areas – leadership and the way change is being managed by the Council and the quality of the communications made in the workplace. These subjects formed part of the original 2012 questionnaire and were considered by staff to be in most need of attention.”

According to the spokesperson, “The most significant improvement flagged-up by the new survey’s findings was in relation to employees' confidence that senior Council directors and managers have a clear vision for the future. The latest survey showed an increase to 40.3 per cent, a rise of 14.3 per cent on the 2012 results.”

There was a similar increase in employees’ confidence in the ability of directors to manage the Council’s budget and spending at a time of real financial challenge caused by cuts to public spending imposed by the UK Government in London.

A total of 2,129 employees returned the survey, which represents 31.8 per cent of the Council workforce.

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