Friday, 13 June 2014

'YES' supporters mark 100 days until referendum

Cunninghame South MSP Margaret Burgess last week joined with activists from the pro-independence ‘YES’ campaign to mark 100 days until Scots decide the country’s future in the September 18th Independence Referendum.

The SNP MSP told the3towns, “My constituency and Scotland as a whole will be best served by a ‘YES’ vote in September.

“There is no doubt that Scotland is a wealthy country, yet for so many of our people it doesn’t feel like that. Official figures show that in terms of wealth per head of population, Scotland is the 14th most prosperous in the developed world – which puts us ahead of the UK.

“In every one of the last 33 years, we’ve paid more in taxes per head than the rest of the UK. We have a rich industrial heritage, our engineering is world-renowned, and we have more top universities per head than any other country in the world.”

Mrs Burgess highlighted Scotland’s contribution to 21st Century Life Sciences, noting that 20% of the world’s penicillin is produced in North Ayrshire. “With great advances in technological, engineering and digital fields,, there is great potential for Scotland to become a global hub for the industries of the future,” said Mrs Burgess. “That’s why global credit rating agency Standard & Poors said that, even without North Sea oil and gas, an independent Scotland would qualify for its highest economic rating.”

The local MSP reflected, “In 100 days’ time, a ‘YES’ vote will give us the powers to use our great resources to build a better and fairer society.”

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