Friday, 4 July 2014

British Unionist vandalism costs local taxpayers

British Unionist vandals are still defacing local road sings, including some that seek to keep children safe near primary schools (see above photos, taken last week).

the3towns first revealed the problem in September 2012, when stickers backing a group called ‘Union Bears’ began to appear on signs in Ardrossan, Saltcoats and Stevenston.  Since then the content of stickers posted by vandals has included football and political slogans, including ones targeted at September’s Independence Referendum, stating ‘Maintain the Union’.

Parents of local children have branded the sticker-posters as “idiots” after safety signs instructing motorists to slow down near schools were completely obscured.

North Ayrshire Council staff have been dealing with the pro-British Union vandalism for almost two years, with costs mounting as some signs are so badly damaged by the stickers they have to be replaced.  Repair and replacement charges are met from the limited funds held by the cash-strapped council, which is funded by local taxpayers.

the3towns understands councillors have raised the vandalism in meetings with Police Scotland.

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