Friday, 11 July 2014

Local flute band selling Better Together t-shirts.

Attempts by the anti-independence Better Together campaign to distance itself from the pro-British Union and staunchly protestant Orange movement have been undermined by a local flute band selling Better Together t-shirts.

The official position of Better Together, which it was this week revealed is funded primarily by London-based millionaires and supporters of the Conservative Party, states that the Orange Order “isn’t part of our campaign and never will be”. This official opposition to Orange involvement in the British Unionist campaign was reiterated last weekend by senior Labour MP Jim Murphy. Following an Orange parade in Glasgow, at which a 12 year-old girl was gashed on the forehead by a flying bottle after a fight broke out, Mr Murphy said he was “disgusted” and called for the cancellation of a planned Orange Order march in support of the British Union, which is scheduled to take place in Edinburgh on the weekend before the September 18 referendum on independence. Jim Murphy added, “Better Together want nothing to do with the Orange Order.”

However, the3towns can reveal that the Ardrossan Winton Flute Band is selling Better Together t-shirts, alongside another that proclaims “Ardrossan Winton says Naw” (see above photo). Featured on the band’s Facebook page, the t-shirts are on sale for £10.00 each.

Of the plan to hold a pro-British Union parade in Edinburgh, Robert McLean, Executive Officer of the Grand Orange Lodge, was reported saying, “It’s basically an Orange parade. It’s not just a parade for anyone. You would expect the Orange organisations to come out for a No. We are looking for between 10,000 and 15,000 members in the parade. The majority will be from Scotland but we would expect some of our lodges from Northern Ireland and England to show support.”

Reacting to calls from Jim Murphy MP that the Orange parade in support of the British Union should be cancelled, Eddy Hyde, Grand Secretary of the Orange Lodge for Scotland, said, “I don’t foresee any problems in Edinburgh. Jim is just scaremongering.”

Yes Scotland, which is campaigning for independence, said, “We fully respect that others have a different view and support their democratic right to express it in any legitimate and peaceful way they wish.”

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