Friday, 11 July 2014

Volunteers raise an amazing £260,000 for hospital

Volunteers at Crosshouse Hospital have presented NHS Ayrshire & Arran with an amazing £260,000.

The presentation of the cheque, which took place at the Volunteers’ Annual General Meeting, means that the total amount they have raised since March 2001 now stands at a whopping £3,145,367. The money has been raised by activities throughout Crosshouse Hospital, including running the shop, the café and a ward trolley-service. In 2006 Volunteers also opened a small café and shop in the adjacent Ayrshire Maternity Unit.

NHS Ayrshire & Arran say the generous donation will be used to fund a range of equipment for patients, including the Motomed - a passive, assisted or fully-active exercise system for people with limited mobility.

Kirsty Darwent, Vice-Chair of Ayrshire & Arran NHS Board, thanked the Volunteers for their commitment and hard work in raising such a large sum of money, adding, “Our Volunteers work hard everyday in our hospitals and expect nothing in return. I am humbled by their endless willingness to give their time and energy and their enthusiasm in raising so much money for the hospital year after year.

“The Volunteers provide an invaluable service for patients, visitors and staff alike. Their dedication and commitment to University Hospital Crosshouse is inspiring. We are extremely grateful to them for their efforts and continued generosity.

“I would personally like to thank each and every Volunteer for their contribution to the hospital - it is a pleasure and a privilege to work with them.”

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