Friday, 25 July 2014

Workers needed for Independence Referendum

In an unusual move, North Ayrshire Council is to offer local residents the chance of ‘working’ at polling places on September 18th as Scotland votes in the Independence Referendum.

Positions counting the votes are also up for grabs, but anyone with a link to either the YES or No campaigns can forget about applying.

Normally, positions at polling places and as vote-counters are filled by Council staff, but on this occasion the local authority is inviting applications for the roles. Each position will pay £150, but vote-counters should be aware that it will involve a nightshift. The count across Scotland will take place overnight with the aim that Scots will know the result when they get up on the morning of September 19th.

There are three positions available, which the Council describe as:

Polling Clerk – involves assisting the Returning Officer, Presiding Officer and election office staff to ensure the smooth running of Polling Stations, and to enable voters to cast their votes in secret, free from influence and in a calm atmosphere.

Information Officer – which will include working with Presiding Officers and Polling Clerks within a Polling Place, greeting voters and directing them quickly and efficiently to the correct polling station to allow them to cast their vote.

Enumerator - working within the Verification/Count team. Enumerators are responsible for counting the number of ballot papers in a ballot box then sorting them according to the voters' choice. Duties are undertaken in a pressurised environment where a high degree of accuracy and concentration is required.

The Council also makes clear that successful candidates will be required to attend training sessions and to “undertake appropriate testing”.

Application forms for the referendum positions are available here and should be returned to the Council by Friday (August 1st).

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