Saturday, 16 August 2014

Council halts survey after complaints from the public

North Ayrshire Council has called a halt to a door-to-door survey after complaints from the public.

A Council spokesperson indicated a number of local residents contacted the authority to express concerns over people who had called at their home.  The survey was being carried out by a private company on behalf of the North Ayrshire Community Planning Partnership with the stated aim of giving “leaders of children’s services a clearer insight into what areas of child, family and community life are strong and healthy, and which areas could be better supported”. 

It is understood ‘researchers’ began the survey last Monday (August 11th) and had contacted around 10% of the targeted representative sample of 600 households before the Council took the decision to halt the project.

The Council spokesperson explained, “We stopped the survey temporarily to allow us time to consult the market research company on the procedures and the approach being followed by their interviewers.

“Parents are advised that participation in the survey is purely voluntary and their responses will remain confidential.”

Ahead of the survey being resumed in the future, the Council has decided to issue explanatory leaflets to all households in advance.  The spokesperson said, “The hand-delivered leaflets will reinforce the message about the authenticity of the survey and will include information on when the interviewers will be calling.

“We will make it clear on the leaflet that the work is being carried out on behalf of North Ayrshire Council as a partner, along with the local police in the local Community Planning Partnership.”

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