Thursday, 14 August 2014

Make sure you can vote in the referendum

With just 5 weeks until Scotland decides whether or not to become an independent country, both sides of the debate are urging Three Towns residents to make sure they are registered to vote.

Also getting in on the most important decision the people of Scotland have ever made is social media giant Facebook, which has linked-up with the Electoral Commission to launch a feature that allows users to add a new ‘life event’ to their Timeline.  According to Facebook, the ‘Registered to Vote’ feature will lead to thousands of status updates being sent from people to their friends, creating increased awareness of the voter registration process.

In order to cast a vote in the Independence Referendum on September 18th, people must be listed on the Electoral Register by Tuesday, September 2nd.  For the first time, everyone over the age of 16 and resident in Scotland will be entitled to vote, but they must be on the Register.  Locals who received a Polling Card for the recent European Election should remain registered voters for the Independence Referendum, but anyone can check by calling the Electoral Registration Office for Ayrshire on 01292 612221.  Further information is available on the website About My Vote.

North Ayrshire & Arran MP Katy Clark said, “I want to make sure as many people get a chance to have their say on such an important topic and no one misses out.  If you’ve moved recently or have never registered, make sure you get your say by confirming your registered now.”

For the pro-independence YES campaign, a spokesperson said, “The referendum gives us the chance to decide our own future and everyone should take the opportunity to participate.  Please check you are registered to vote.  The last thing we want is people turning up at Polling Stations on September 18th only to find out they can’t cast their vote.” 

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