Thursday, 14 August 2014

The socialist case for independence

The Scottish Socialist Party in North Ayrshire is to “step up the intensity” of its campaign for independence by holding a series of public meetings.

First up is this Monday (August 18th) at the Cranberry Moss Community Centre in Pennyburn, Kilwinning.  The meeting begins at 7.30pm and will hear from speakers setting-out the ‘Socialist case for Independence’.

North Ayrshire SSP organiser Richie Venton told, “With just five weeks to go until the referendum, and with many people still undecided, the SSP is determined to let local people hear the socialist case for independence.

"We are the socialist wing of the YES campaign. We don't want to just swap flags; we want to change utterly the conditions the working class majority in Scotland live under.”

Mr Venton explained what those attending Monday’s meeting can expect to hear, saying, “Mother and carer Louise Cameron will address the issues women especially seek clarity on, while local UNISON trade union chairperson Colin Turbett will explain why working people have most to gain from independence.”

Richie Venton, himself a veteran socialist campaigner, will also address the meeting.  He said, “I will explain why a YES vote is not only the quickest escape route from the vicious Tory dictatorship over Scotland, but also the golden opportunity to shape our future and build for a socialist majority Scottish government.

"This meeting will answer questions that are left unanswered by the TV debates, so all are warmly welcome.”

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