Friday, 5 September 2014

Weans not weapons

With less than two-weeks until the Independence Referendum, local SNP MSP Margaret Burgess says voting ‘YES’ will allow the people of Scotland to decide how we spend our money.

Mrs Burgess told, “If we remain within the British Union, billions-of-pounds of Scottish money will continue to be used by Westminster to pay for nuclear weapons of mass destruction, which they then stick just up the coast from us.  With independence, though, we can use the money to deliver policies that will meet the needs of those who live here, such as increased childcare.”

The MSP for Cunninghame South, which includes Stevenston, said, “It’s about priorities – and for me, it’s a matter of ‘weans not weapons’.

“While child poverty soars because of UK cuts, Westminster is happy to waste £130billion on renewing and maintaining Trident – money that should be spent on making our country a better place to live.

“Both the Tories and Labour have made clear that a ‘No’ vote in the referendum will mean further vast sums of money squandered on extremely dangerous and obsolete nuclear weapons.  We already know Trident is virtually useless and is ill-suited to face contemporary defence challenges, like terrorism.”

Reflecting on the choices that become available with independence, Margaret Burgess said, “Instead of spending £250million of Scots taxpayers’ cash a year on nuclear weapons, we can invest in a transformational increase in free childcare, to save hard-pressed families tens-of-thousands of pounds and give our children a better start in life.”

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