Friday, 31 October 2014

Bogus-callers in the area

Three Towns residents are being advised to be particularly wary of any unexpected callers to their homes.

The warning comes after local police indicated they had received reports of people claiming to be employees of North Ayrshire Council and requesting entry to homes in the local area.

A spokesperson for the Council said, “Bogus-callers usually turn up at a person’s door unannounced, selling goods or offering services such as gardening or repair work.

“Often these people can be very persuasive in their attempts to trick their unsuspecting victims and will use official looking identification in order to back up their phony claims.  However, any work carried out is frequently of a poor standard and vastly overpriced.  The arrangement usually leaves residents with little recourse.”

Describing other tactics used by bogus-callers, the Council spokesperson said, “Other cold-hearted criminals may try to trick their way into someone’s property before stealing from their victims and then quickly escaping from the scene.

“Residents who are in any doubt whether or not someone who turns up at their door is genuine should not let them in - under any circumstances - and should, instead, contact the police by dialling the non-emergency number 101.”

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