Friday, 10 October 2014

MP objects to nuclear transport plan

[Originally published in - October 5 2014]

Katy Clark MP has formally objected to plans that would allow radioactive waste to be transported from other sites to Hunterston, where it would be stored.

The MP for North Ayrshire & Arran responded to a consultation by the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA), which is looking into proposals from energy company EDF, operators of the Hunterson site, which seeks permission to transport intermediate-level nuclear waste by road to the Ayrshire facility.

Ms Clark said, “I simply cannot support a proposal that will not only see radioactive waste transported through our local roads but will potentially open-up Hunterston as a nuclear dump for waste from other sites.”

The Labour MP explained her position, “I strongly believe that the safest way to store radioactive waste is to do so closest to where it has been generated.  On that basis, I have concerns about SEPA’s current policy of allowing low-level radioactive waste to be moved between sites never mind granting EDF permission to move more dangerous levels.”

Noting what she described as a “lack of detail from EDF on their proposal”, Katy Clark said, “It is quite frightening,” adding, “They provide no details of the source of the waste that may be stored at Hunterston nor do they mention the levels that might be stored and what safety mechanisms will be put in place.  They also give no indication of the frequency of waste to and from the site.  That’s why I am asking for a meeting with EDF to discuss with them why they submitted this application and discuss what impact it could potentially have on the local area.

“I very much hope that SEPA will reject the application, but even if they do I believe it is still important that I meet EDF and get the answers that local people will want from them.”

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