Friday, 5 December 2014

Creating a more equal society

Local MSP Margaret Burgess has spoken of her support for the Programme for Government announced by new First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

The SNP MSP for Cunninghame South told, “Nicola Sturgeon’s new Scottish Government will have a powerful focus on growing our economy, protecting public services and tackling inequality and I welcome this.

“The SNP’s commitment is to building a more prosperous and fairer Scotland, and our Irvine-born First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has set out a clear vision of where she intends to lead our country.”

Mrs Burgess, the SNP Government’s Minister for Housing and Welfare, said, “Nicola’s Programme aims to build a sense of shared endeavour about how we create a wealthier and more equal society.  A strong economy is essential to Scotland’s success as a nation and we have had significant economic successes in recent years, but the biggest investment we can make in Scotland’s future is in our people.

“Building a strong economy is essential to a fair society. But the reverse is also true - a fair society also supports a strong economy, so I am delighted the First Minster has emphasised the promotion of fairness and equality.

Margaret Burgess flagged-up a number of initiatives in the SNP’s Programme for Government, such as extending the rights of carers, a commitment to real-terms increases in NHS spending, a radical expansion of child care provision and improved access to higher education, which, she said, “will all help us move towards equality in Scotland.

“Similarly the commitment to prosperity and greater equality in Scotland will be well-served by plans to legislate on land reform and to secure more equal gender representation at senior executive level.”

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