Friday, 19 December 2014

Drink-driving - Don't Risk It

A North Ayrshire Council initiative to cut drink-driving in the local area over the festive season has gone global.
The local authority teamed-up with partner agencies to publicise the new, lower alcohol limit for drivers introduced by the SNP Scottish Government.  Under the slogan “Who’s Taking You Home Tonight”, the Council campaign replied to the question by offering the choice of a taxi, a police car, an ambulance or a hearse.  Accompanying the clear message was the social media hashtag “DontRiskIt”.

Commenting on the initiative, a Council spokesperson said, “After posting on Facebook, 219,364 people have seen the post and we’ve had more than 9,000 Likes, comments or Shares from social media users from as far afield as Canada and the USA.”

Council Leader, SNP councillor Willie Gibson, noted, “The campaign has been a huge success and sends out a really strong message.  If there is any doubt, leave the car at home.  As the campaign says, ‘Don’t Risk It’.”

Cllr Gibson added, “Hopefully, people will continue to listen and we will have an incident-free holiday period, and everyone can enjoy their Christmas and New Year.”

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