Friday, 27 March 2015

Better lighting and financial savings

North Ayrshire Council is to roll-out a major green initiative to light-up local roads.

Following a successful pilot scheme on Arran and Cumbrae, new energy-efficient bulbs in street-lights are to be installed across the district.  It is anticipated the initiative will provide substantial financial savings for the council.

Dubbed LUNAR – Lighting Up North Ayrshire Responsibly – the scheme will see around 13,500 low-energy bulbs fitted to reduce emissions.  The project has been described as an ‘invest to save’ scheme, with savings to the council’s maintenance budget estimated at around £750,000 over eight-years.

Cllr Tony Gurney, North Ayrshire’s SNP Cabinet Member for the Environment, said, “It’s great to see the new LED lighting being put in place.  It’s such a fantastic project that will have positive impacts for years to come.

“This is a fantastic example of investing to save money. The Council deserve credit for pushing ahead with this scheme, which has huge economic and environmental benefits.”

The Ardrossan councillor indicated the local authority had looked at a number of options before deciding on LED technology, adding, “The bulbs are low-energy with a longer life-cycle, meaning fewer complaints from residents about dark lamps.

“They also produce a clear light, which shines where it needs to be and doesn’t spill into other areas.

“This project will improve street-lighting across North Ayrshire while saving money and improving our carbon footprint.”

The council plans to begin installation of the new LED lighting on major routes, with residential areas to follow.

[Photo: Cllr Tony Gurney (in the yellow jacket) helps install one of the new LED light bulbs.]

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