Friday, 27 March 2015

Clampdown on abuse of Blue Badge parking

North Ayrshire Council has made clear drivers and passengers who abuse the disabled parking scheme in the local area could have ‘Blue Badges’ confiscated.
 New Scottish Government legislation coming into force next week provides councils with additional powers to deal with those who misuse the Blue Badges that allow people with disabilities to park their vehicles in designated spaces, which are usually closer to workplaces, shops and community services. 

With the new powers, North Ayrshire Council can confiscate badges and cancel any that are reported lost or stolen.

SNP Transport Minister Derek Mackay explained, “Blue Badge misuse is socially unacceptable as it prevents the 228,000 legitimate badge-holders across Scotland from accessing the on-street parking concessions to which they are entitled.

“Granting extra powers for local authorities to tackle Blue Badge misuse and confiscate badges that are not valid or are being used illegally by a third-party for their own benefit, will allow disabled badge-holders to access services in the community and to lead independent lives.”

Abuse of the Blue Badge scheme reduces the number of disabled parking bays and on-street spaces for local residents who genuinely need them. 

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