Friday, 27 March 2015

SNP rejects Tory-Labour austerity

Local SNP MSP Margaret Burgess has launched a scathing attack on British Unionist political parties after the announcement of a UK Budget that will see a further £30bn of cuts imposed on already-struggling people.

Mrs Burgess was speaking after Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne revealed the plans Tories will implement if the party is re-elected on May 7th.  Although criticising the Tory plans during the Budget debate in the House of Commons, Labour’s Shadow Chancellor, Ed Balls, later told the BBC’s Today programme that a future Labour Government would not reverse any of the measures proposed by the Tories.

Margaret Burgess said, “The Tories tell us the economy is ‘sorted’, yet Scotland’s public services face being hammered by massive spending cuts.

“Last year, Labour and the Tories told us ‘stick with Westminster and all will be well”, but now they say there must be more devastating cuts.  Shamefully, Labour has signed-up to the Tories’ £30bn of cuts.  For Scotland, this means cuts of £12bn over the next 4 years.”

Mrs Burgess, MSP for the local constituency of Cunninghame South, highlighted the SNP’s alternative to Westminster austerity, saying, “First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has outlined our credible and sustainable programme, which would see the deficit and debt fall every year, but still free-up public spending across the UK with £14bn for Scotland’s public services.

“By investing rather than simply cutting, we can boost Scotland’s economy and create jobs.”

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