Friday, 27 November 2015

'Tory cuts still coming' warns Burgess

Cunninghame South MSP Margaret Burgess has welcomed the UK Tory Government’s decision not to implement proposed cuts to Tax Credits, but has warned that serious cuts to Scottish public spending will still be imposed by Westminster.

Last Wednesday’s Spending Review saw Tory Chancellor George Osborne bow to public pressure by announcing he would not go ahead with cuts to Tax Credits.  Had the cuts been implemented, some of the worst-paid workers in the country would have lost hundreds-of-pounds in desperately-needed income.

The Tax Credits u-turn took the headlines in national newspapers, with right-wing publications and broadcasters praising the Chancellor - some even announced this represented the ‘end of austerity’ – but closer examination of Tory plans showed Scotland’s day-to-day public services will still face a massive overall cut of six-percent.

Margaret Burgess told the3towns, “These UK cuts are ‘austerity of choice’.  They are being imposed, not because they are necessary, but because they form part of Tory Party ideology.”

The local SNP MSP said the Scottish Government had repeatedly shown that the UK’s deficit and debt could be brought-down without the need for huge public spending cuts, noting, “These cuts are damaging, needless and will hit the poorest hardest.”

Mrs Burgess outlined that the SNP Scottish Government will “continue to do everything within its power to protect the most vulnerable from the impact of the UK Government's austerity measures,” adding, “We want to use Scotland’s powers and resources to lift people out of poverty, not just continually mitigate as best we can.”

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