Saturday, 5 December 2015

Scottish Water will stay publicly-owned

Local MSP Margaret Burgess has moved to reassure constituents concerned by headlines claiming water services could be privatised by the UK Tory Government.

Stories have appeared in English newspapers sold in Scotland, which report that Tory Chancellor George Osborne is looking to privatise water and sewerage services.  However, SNP MSP Mrs Burgess told the3towns, “Scottish Water delivers for Scotland as a publicly-owned corporation and it will remain in public hands.”

Provision of water and sewerage services is a matter devolved to the Scottish Parliament and is overseen by the SNP Scottish Government.  Margaret Burgess said, “Scottish Water is performing well and there is no reason to change its status.

“Under present arrangements, Scottish Water provides services to households and charges are collected by councils.  This has meant that Scotland has amongst the lowest water and wastewater charges in the UK – ensuring these essential services are affordable for Scottish families.”

The MSP for Cunninghame South noted, “The Scottish Government is proud of keeping Scottish Water in public-ownership and of ensuring that prices are tightly regulated.”

In the current financial year (2015/16), household water-charges in Scotland are, on average, £39 cheaper than in England and Wales.

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